BJP government is currently using brute force to suppress dissent: Sonia Gandhi

Gandhi’s remarks came on its official Twitter in a video message’ handle.

In a democracy, people have a right to raise their voice against policies and incorrect decisions of their government and register their concerns.

Equally, it’s the responsibility of the authorities to listen to the citizens and address their concerns,” Gandhi said in a last-minute video message.

“BJP government has shown utter disregard for the people’s voices and chosen to use brute force to suppress dissent.

Pan-India protests, led by pupils in most parts, have broken out in the last one week over the passing of the CAA that aims to offer citizenship to those who had been forced to seek shelter in India because of religious persecution or fear of persecution in their home states, primarily Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Critics and protesters believe the bill, especially in combination with the proposed nationwide National Registry of Citizens (NRC), is discriminatory to Muslims.

“CAA is discriminatory and the proposed nationwide NRC will especially hurt the poor and vulnerable. Like at the time of notebandi (demonetization), they will have to stand in line to prove their ancestor’s citizenship,” she added.