Epic Games and steam are back on PC games with discounts and deals

Getting some of the top rated AAA games can be an expensive affair not only at the time of launch but months later also. The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, for instance, is available at $2,999, after a year of its launch. The sales on two of Steam the PC game shops and Epic Games have made a number of these gaming titles affordable.

This price is only valid until January 2, although the AC Odyssey is now available on Steam for just $ 1,199. Set in ancient Greece, Odyssey’s open world and historic backdrop is a treat and lesson in Greek history for kids who might find history classes boring.

The game has been widely acclaimed and gives the choice to play as the mythical Greek demi-god Alexios or Kassandra.

While Steam’s sale ends on January 2, Epic Games’ winter sales will close on January 1 and it is offering discounts of up to 75% on some of the latest titles. 2K Games’ sci-fi open world shooter Borderlands 3, which published in September, is available at $29.24 (approx $2,080) instead of original cost of $44.99 (approx $3,200). Likewise Remedy Entertainment’s Control, which premiered in August at $22.99 (approx $1,635) has received lots of critical acclaim for its own gravity defying mechanics along with a maze like environment that keeps changing, is available for $15.40 (approx $1,095). There’s a 60% reduction. The game received mixed reviews, but has been commended for offering the balance between stealth and action. It’s available at $16.79 (approx $1,195) down from $41.99 (approx $2,988).

I am addition to AC Odyssey, Steam has lined up some pricey AAA games. While it was released in 2017, it is still one of the top. It is available at $1,599, down from $3,999. Among more recent titles, Asobo Studios’ A Plague Tale, an open world tale set in the background of 14 century Europe. The game received high ratings for its visual authenticity and uplifting storyline. Priced at $1,599, after discount it’s available at $799.

In addition to discounts on specific games, Epic and Steam is also currently offering some add-ons to create more buzz and reward gamers. Festivity tokens which users can earn after completing quests in matches or by purchasing new games has been by steam. So for every $100 spent on Steam, user can redeemed for games that are new and gets.

Epic Games is offering $10 worth of voucher for just signing up on the stage free. It may be used to purchase games of $14.99 or more on the shop during the promotional period, which will be rewarded further with another $10 coupon.