Delhi Police busted a family of cheaters on Friday. Delhi Police arrested three persons including a woman in the family.

With the arrest of the family, a murder mystery was also solved in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat.

The family cheated a visually impaired widow on the pretext of helping her adopt a child who could help take care of her.

When the Delhi Police arrested the accused family, a murder case of a youth killed on December 31, 2019, in Baghpat was also solved.

The deceased youth was a resident of Chhawla village. He knew about the family’s scam scheme.

The accused family changed four accommodations and eight SIM cards to evade police. The police kept on tracking them nonetheless and the efforts paid off.

When the accused were arrested, some documents, two mobile phones and cash worth Rs 10,000 were recovered from them.


The visually impaired widow filed a complaint in Baba Haridas Nagar area. She said that she stays alone.

In August, 2019, she was discussing with someone at Rao Tularam Memorial Hospital in Delhi that she was looking to adopt a male child to take care of her.

It was then when a 22-year-old man — Adarsh – -approached her. He told the widow that his mother works at an organisation and they could him a child she is looking for.

Soon the accused family befriended the widow.

On the pretext of helping her, they took Rs 52,000 as processing fee from her and managed to take her ATM card as well apart from her property and jewelry.

One of the accused family members contacted the widow acting as manager of the fake organisaton. They introduced another person Vishal. The 27-year-old then visited the widow’s house to verify she was eligible for adoption.

They put up an act to convince the widow it was all real. They even told her to not make any transaction till the adoption formalities are through.

After a few months, when she visitor her bank to her passbook updated, she was shocked to know that more than Rs 4 lakh were withdrawn from her bank account and her balance was just Rs 267.

Since the accused never let her visit their places of operation, she did not know where to go. They also had switched off their mobile phones so she could not connect with them.

Soon the police were called in and the call detail record was pulled in. The police contacted more than 100 people and finally traced a number most contacted. The number was in the name of one Krishn Lakara – resident of Chhawala, Kangan Heri, Delhi.

The police met with Lakara and learnt that his son was brutally murdered in Baghpat.

When the police showed photographs of the accused to Lakara, he identified them as Pradeep Kumar and his wife. He also told the police that the people in the photograph could also be involved in the murder of his son as they had fled from Lakara’s property in which they were living on rent.

On January 27, the police got a call from an informer who told them that the accused persons were staying at a place where the police had camped for three days to nab them.

The police immediately rushed to the spot and found that the accused family had packed their bags and were about to flee from there.

Police apprehended accused Pradeep, his wife and their son Adarsh.

During sustained interrogation, Pradeep revealed that he had killed Lakara’s son because he had learnt of their scam and was demanding Rs 1 lakh to keep the cheating a secret.

On December 31, 2019, Pradeep took Lakara’s son who was drunk to UP’s Baghpat. The accused then killed Lakara’s son and came back to Delhi.

It all was revealed when by checking into call records and talking to Lakara.

The accused have been arrested and further investigation is underway.

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